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10KG Drag Magnetic Brake System Casting Reel Fishing Gear

SKU: 26525957-china-left-handsportywayz996Available Order Processed Within 24 Hours

Product Description

1. Product category: sapinning wheel fishing wheel
2, 18+1
3. Gear ratio: 7.1:1
4. Weight: 0.28kg
5, packing box size: 14.1*12*7.4cm

1. Streamlined design, ultra light, high strength nylon =60% fiberglass body
2. Brass main gear and pinion
3. No clearance reverse stop structure (stainless steel single bearing)
4.10 gear magnetic brake system, smooth operation
5. The maximum locking force of unloading force is 10KG
6. Quick side cover removal system, ceramic wire ring does not damage the line

Water drop wheel main features: there is a magnetic adjustment knob outside, 0-10 level adjustable, 10 for large braking force.

Adjustment method:
1. Turn the magnetic adjusting knob to scale 10.Give the wheels a lot of braking force.
2, lift the bar 45 degrees, adjust the "spindle adjustment screw", so that the bait can quickly and smoothly fall, the bait fell into the water, the spool still continue to rotate is better, only in this way, you can get a good throwing distance.
3, the star plate, can be adjusted to be very tight, or a state of receiving line unloading force.Adjustment completed.

Throwing method:
Firstly, the false erbium is controlled about 10CM away from the pole tip, and then the pole tip is pointed at the position of 4 points to the direction of 10 points.Notice the point trajectory of the bar tip movement 4,5,6,7,8,9,10.It's like a golf swing.

You can start with a moderate power swing, and after a few practice sessions, you can start with a power swing.