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Vista Grill W Offset Smoker for Outdoor Cooking

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Product Description

Vista Grill W Offset Smoker for Outdoor Cooking. The vista grill w/ offset smoker - bring on the people: vista is perfect for backyard bbq?s with friends and family.With over 734 inches in cooking space, that can cook up to 59 burgers at a time, let the good times roll! great smoke flavor: do you want that melt in your mouth, juicy, smoke infused dishes? enjoy the versatility of this grill with grilled and smoked meats that are sure to please the taste buds.Adjustable charcoal pan: you want more control with your smoker, so we give it to you.With the adjustable charcoal pan you can control the distance between the coals and your food with ease.Satisfy everyone from those who like it rare to those who love it well done.Made for chef style convenience: own your food prep with large folding side and bottom storage shelves.Since a chef shouldn?t miss the celebration, move the grill to the perfect location on your deck with the wheeled cart.Cook grip handles: we're always thinking of your safety! the cool grip handles protect your fingers from a burning hot lid handle keeping it cool to the touch.Built for mobility: from the front yard to the backyard, easily move your grill wherever you want to set up shop.The wheeled cart allows for easy movement throughout your space.Easy clean up: charcoal is great for flavor, but terrible on mess.Don't worry! we've added an extra large, fully enclosed sliding ash pan that allows you to clean up with a simple detach and dump.