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Electric Motor Off Road Adult Longboard TeamGee Overboard

SKU: 97481087-standard-(7.5a)-chinasportywayz86Available Order Processed Within 24 Hours

Product Description

For a limited time only, we will send you a set of PU wheels ($59.99 value) for free with your H20T orders. You can switch easily between the rubber wheels and PU wheels matching your board to the terrain.

  • Adjustable Speed Wireless Remote Control: The 4 speed mode and 4 brake mode can meet different needs of your ride. 4 different brake mode pull down to the end of the throttle, at the meantime, press the speed button to switch brake mode(B1, B2, B3, B4) Can adapt to the needs of different levels of rider no matter you are a novice or a professional rider, you can have fun.4 different speed mode different speed mode (L/M/H/H+).

  • Powerful 1200W Hub Motor: 1200W hub motors can give you access to lightning-fast acceleration and a top speed of 26 Mph/42Kph, and climbed at a 30-degree angle. 18-22 miles Range, High performance battery charging takes only 4 hours. which delivers a thrill and joy on any city street and is equally at home or on larger campuses.

  • Special Design: The board design of the H20T is made with stability and comfort in mind. Using a unique and exclusive to Teamgee boards W-shaped foot socket to create a firm surface for stable foot placement. Rider stability is further supported by the warped sides and concave formation design of the wheels that help the shockproof and stable nature of the board on uneven surfaces.

Item Name: TemaGee H20T Electric Skateboard

Deck Material: 8 Layer Canadian Maple + 1 layer fiber glass

Tire Material : SHR83A Rubber Coated Rubber Wheel

Product Size:94*23*1.5cm

Battery: 7.5Ah/9.6A Lithium Battery

Motor Power:2*600W Power Motor with Dual Drive

Speed:40km/h Max

Distance: 25km/35km Max

Max Tilt:10-20 degree

Max Load:100kg

Charging Time: About 2h

TeamGee H20T Electric Skateboard

All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Oversized Rubber Wheels Removable Tires Professional Foot Socket 2*600W Motor Top speed 45KM/H

Fast as Racing 4 Speed/Brake Model 35KM Range 30 Climbing Maple + Fiberglass Board

High-efficiency Li-ion Battery, Super Far Driving Range

Don't worry about distance, fulfill long-distance travel.35KM Range.4H Charging Time

Double hub motor, super power

Brushless dual motors, continuous strong power, top speed 50km/h(No load)

Powerful motor drive, no pressure for climbing

Dual 600W brushless motor,Provide full power, not to mention the 30 degree slope

Detachable off-road wheels, easy to replace

No need to replace the motor when the tire skin is worn, just replace the tire skin directly

What should I do if the tires are worn out?

The motor tire skin can be removed, and the tire skin can be replaced.Motor tires are integrated, only the motor can be replaced

Replaceable tire skins = lower maintenance costs

24-hole hollow anti-skid damping tire

Non-slipWear-resistant damping

Adapt to various road condition

2.4Ghz Remote Control

4 Speed Modes,Easy to Learn and Ride

11.5MM ultra-thin skateboard

Strengthen the glass fiber, the effective period is to waterproof, so that the skateboard layout is durable.

Ergonomics W-shaped foot socket

Designed according to the W shape of the soles of human feet, accord with ergonomics and reduce riding fatigue

Split dual encloser quadruple protection levels

Split design of battery box + control box.Anti-explosion/wear-resistant/anti-collision/fast heat dissipation/dustproof

Excellent waterproof performance

The overall IP65 waterproof rating, not afraid of road surface water and sudden rainfall